Annual Ceiling Fan Promotion – Details

Details, Installation Expectations, & Fine Print for Lighting & Bulb Unlimited's Annual Ceiling Fan Promotion

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Starting June 1, 2023, our showroom (Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited) will be offering free ceiling fan installation on select fans that meet our qualification tiers and for homes that meet our home requirements. This promotion is only available for a limited time, so don't wait and risk missing out completely.

Tip: It helps us to help you better if you're able to bring or provide measurements of your space, ceiling height, and/or a photo of the space.

C H E C K   E L I G I B I L I T Y

First, let's confirm your home is ready to go. The home must have ceilings under 15ft (14.99ft or less) at the location of where the fan will be going, existing power is in place (junction box in the ceiling), and the home resides within twenty-five (25) miles of our showroom. All three stipulations must be checked (but we can of course help if not, additional charges will just apply).

Now, let's make sure you have a qualifying fan purchase. If your home is ready to go, pick any one (1) of the following for your ceiling fan purchases to qualify for free installation.

• $495.00 or more, per fan
Purchase any ceiling fan priced at $495.00 or more (without discount, before taxes) and assuming all of the home requirements are met, you can enjoy free installation on that ceiling fan.

• Three (3) fans totaling $1,185.00 or more
Purchase any three (3) ceiling fans that together subtotal $1,185.00 or more in a single ceiling-fan-only transaction (without discount, before taxes) and assuming all of the home requirements are met, you can enjoy free installation on those ceiling fans. All ceiling fans will be installed at one address, in a single trip and cannot be split.

• Any fan size order totaling $1,800.00 or more.
Purchase any quantity of ceiling fans that together subtotal $1,800.00 or more in a single ceiling-fan-only transaction (without discount, before taxes) and assuming all of the home requirements are met, you can enjoy free installation on those ceiling fans. All ceiling fans will be installed at one address, in a single trip and cannot be split.

F I N E  P R I N T

Time Period
Our annual ceiling fan promotion is for a limited time only. This promotion is subject to change, extend, or end without notice. Due to the nature of the sale and arrangements made with manufacturers, this promotion cannot be applied to any already-existing orders; we appreciate your understanding!

Terms and Conditions
This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount, coupon, or sale (if a ceiling fan is on sale, you can either choose to purchase it on sale, or purchase at regular price to be eligible for the free installation promotional tiers). This promotion has no cash value. Our regular showroom Return, Shipping and Promotional policies still apply.

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Eligibility + Qualifiers
Home Requirements: The minimum order subtotal can be made up of the ceiling fan components only (motor, blades and/or light kit if applicable). Accessories, such as down rods, remotes, wall controls, non-fan items, sales tax or additional labor charges are not included in the order subtotal calculations for qualifications.

Replacing junction boxes, switches/wall controls/dimmers/plates on the wall for the replacement fan are not included in the free installation. These product or labor charges will be charged separately. Please review our installation expectations below.

Installation appointments will be scheduled once all of the product has arrived to the showroom. All ceiling fan orders will be installed at one address, in a single trip and cannot be split (we suggest splitting the orders to qualify individually, otherwise the current installation rates apply). We schedule for a specific day and will give a thirty minute (30 min) heads up phone call prior to arrival. Ceiling fan orders cannot be split into multiple installation appointments. Our appointments will be scheduled during non-holiday weekdays (Monday - Friday).

Fan Disposal
We will gladly dispose of your old ceiling fan (complimentary), upon request. If you would like to move this fan to another location, installation charges will apply and we cannot guarantee same-day installation unless previously arranged.


I N S T A L L A T I O N  E X P E C T A T I O N S

for our free installation promotion

Thank you for your business, we’re glad to be helping with your install!
Please read the following carefully prior to your installation appointment. If you need to adjust your order at all, please call your sales person to make changes.

Arrival Times
Installation appointments will be scheduled for a specific day with a 30-minute call prior to arrival. Due to the nature of installations and the unknown that sometimes occurs at a home, we cannot schedule for
specific times at this time, as we aim to finish the job we are at before moving onto the next installation. If you have any time restraints for any given day, or would prefer an hour heads up call, please talk to us at the time of scheduling. We will do our best to make accommodations when possible.

Below are some conditions in which an installation may incur an
additional cost. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know immediately.

During installation, your lighting technician will inform you if any issue comes up. If there are additional costs involved with that issue, they will discuss this with you. If a costly issue arises and you do not wish to
proceed, then the work will stop and the installation will not be
completed. Please move any and all furniture and/or objects out of the working area(s) as we are not responsible for moving any items ourselves. While we might assist with moving as a courtesy, please note that we are not liable for any property damage during the movement of furniture, objects, and/or other personal property. Any items that are removed from the ceiling will be set aside for you (or, we can take removed items with us for disposal or donation with your approval) — If the installation is part of a warranty that we are handling, we will bring the warranty item(s) back with us.

Replacing a Fixture with a new Ceiling Fan
Junction Boxes
If a ceiling fan is replacing a light fixture, there is a chance the existing junction box in the ceiling isn’t suitable for a fan’s weight regulations and needs to be replaced. Our goal is safety and therefore our lighting technician is required to ensure that it is properly secured for your safety. “Pancake” junction boxes, may not be suitable for all fixture or fan styles and in some rare instances, there is a chance that the junction box will need to be replaced due to an alignment issue. Junction boxes are $66 + tax to replace, and can be completed in the same visit, if box is readily available.

Dimmers, Wall Controls, & Switches
If replacing a light fixture which had a dimmer, as opposed to an on/off switch, the dimmer will wear the fan out over time, voiding the warranty; therefore, a switch and/or cover plate will need to be purchased to
replace the dimmer at the time of an installation. Dimmers are $35 to replace (labor) if we’re already there, plus the cost of the switch and/or cover plate(s); a separate trip charge is $135. Please be sure to mention if any of the switches are on a 3-Way or 4-Way (able to be turned on/off from more than a single location).

We will not install a ceiling fan that is connected to a dimmer or an unsafe junction box. We keep some parts with us, but if the necessary parts are not on hand and we need to return to replace this in a separate visit (the cost is $135 plus the cost of the switch(es)/cover plate(s)). Please call your sales representative/lighting associate to incorporate this with the installation to avoid another site-visit.

Light Bulbs
If any of the ceiling fans require light bulbs, please note that we require the light bulbs to be present at the time of installation (our technicians can bring the bulbs with when purchased with us).

Switch Legs
In the event that new power needs to be pulled, or power needs to be moved, then a switch leg might need to be charged; switch legs are $385 + tax per line. This includes a basic, toggle switch and screw-plate. If you’d like to have a dimmer, decora, adorne switch/dimmer, a screwless plate, or need to request specific colorways outside of the default that is included, please reach out to your sales person so they can add that to your order. Due to scheduling, we cannot always pull power in the same visit, and the installation may have to be rescheduled. Please confirm you have power if uncertain, and let your sales person know if you do not have power in that location prior to the appointment.

Ceilings + Walls
Sloped Ceilings
If your ceiling is sloped, please confirm that your ceiling fan can be installed on your slope. If you need help calculating your slope degree, you can visit our website (, click the Fans tab, scroll down a little bit) or reach out to your sales person to help.

Sheetrock Patch / Paint / Touch up
Sometimes, the new fan’s canopy is smaller than the original fan’s. If holes need to be cut for pulling or moving power, the new canopy is smaller/shaped differently than a previous one exposing the original ceiling/wall, perhaps the old fan had extra screw holes in the ceiling originally, or any other changes occur that would affect the dry wall/sheet rock or painting of your ceilings and/or walls, these fixes are not included in our installation cost. This type of work is outside of our scope as they are meant to be handled by professionals of that trade. If you have questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to ask us. We have a painter referral if needed that follows most of our installation jobs.

Warranties do not cover any labor. Manufacturers, nor our showroom, will reimburse for any labor-related costs when it comes to warranty
replacements – manufacturers warranties are meant to repair or replace their products only within certain time frames (see manufacturer warranty for specifics). When you shop with us, we want you to shop with confidence.
Therefore, to help fill this void, when you purchase the (1) products, (2) installation labor, and the (3) LED-light bulbs or Light kit(s) if applicable, with us, we don’t charge for labor within a year of the original installation, if we need to return to make a defective-product’s warranty swap.

*** The Minka Aire’s Wave, Light Wave, and Wave II Ceiling fan
collections are excluded from our One Year Labor Warranty as well as from our installation promotion.