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We're here to help.

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• the SKU(s) of the item(s) you're looking to preorder
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We'll create an order and email the invoice over for you to confirm your order and pay for the preorder. Preorders are paid for in full.


Why Preorder?

When items are on backorder, any outstanding orders will be processed first.

Example: If a manufacturer has 500 fixtures incoming, but 490 are already accounted for (already placed orders), then there are 10 available at that time. A Preorder gives you the chance to secure yours from the available inventory before it runs out. Waiting to place your order when the backorder date approaches, might result in having to wait for the next backorder date, which could be weeks to months away.

We accept pre-orders on items that are on backorder (meaning they will only ship after they arrive to the manufacturer and go through a quality check by the manufacturer).

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