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UL Certified Facility

We're proud to say that we are a UL Certified facility. That means, if you need UL Certifications on any of your fixtures, we can help. Not only can we test and apply the sticker for eligible fixtures, we can actually now help to custom build fixtures for you.

Whether you have an old vintage heirloom that needs to be rewired, or imported European fixtures that needs to be converted to US, we can help.

UL Listed Service

What does it mean to be UL Certified? When a product, such as a chandelier or pendant has a UL Listed seal, it indicates that the fixture has bene tested by the Underwriters' Laboratories (U.L.) to the nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards.

UL Listed Service is given to manufacturers that produce products that meet UL's standards and gives the manufacturer authorization to test products and apply the UL mark themselves, which is what we do.

UL testing ensures that the wire sizes are correct and that devices can handle the amount of current that they claim to be able to handle. They also ensure that products are properly constructed properly, down to all the parts, for the highest safety. If you're unsure why your functioning socket had to be replaced during your UL service with us, this is why. It's more than just the actual testing and sticker application; UL requires that even the parts are UL Certified parts.

The UL Listed seal means that the product has been tested by UL to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. Additionally, it has been found to be free from a reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, and electric shock in a Division 2 environment.

the Investment

In order for us to apply the UL Certified sticker, the fixture must contain all UL Certified parts where required and pass the testing processes. We quote based on the necessary parts needed for your fixture, the amount of tests required for your specific fixture, and a sticker for each fixture.

UL Certified investment starts at $250 for the sticker itself; testing, parts, and assembly / fixture creation labor are extra. Quotes are provided per fixture or per project for multiple fixtures.