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Yes, we repair lamps!
Drop off anytime, no appointments required.

Drop off or pick-up your lamp anytime during our regular business hours: Mon-Fri 8a-6p, Sat 10a-5p, Sun Closed. We're located at 4335 Monroe Road in Charlotte, NC.

Our Lamp Repair Process

With our obligation-free quoting process, we make it simple for you to get a quote for the repair before committing to the repair.

1. Bring in Your Lamp

Bring your lamp into our showroom to get started. We kindly ask that you leave your lamp shade at home, if possible, to avoid damage. We'll get some of your contact info to be sure we can reach out with the quote when ready; usually within 24-48 hours. Our technician will diagnose the problem and email your quote.

2. Receive & Pay the Quote

If you accept the quote, we’ll collect payment and move your lamp into our repair queue. While we do try to keep common parts in stock, if your lamp requires an out-of-stock or special part, we'll order those parts. If you choose not to repair your lamp, we’ll move it aside for you to come pick it up. Once paid, repairs get added to our Repair Queue where they are repaired in order of payment received as well as with their parts availability. If parts are needed, they are ordered and repair continues once they've arrived. But rest assured, we do what we can to get it back as soon as possible!

3. Pick Up When Ready

Once your lamp is complete, we’ll send you an email that your lamp is ready for pick-up! Then you can head on in to grab your new-again lamp anytime during our regular business hours.

Lamp Repairs near me

We're local to Charlotte, NC but are more than happy to work with you on shipping your lamp in and out of our Repair Shop! Simply give us a call and we'll work together to fix, rewire, restore, or repair your lamp and ship it back once complete.

a few Tips

Please leave any shades and other removable parts that are not necessary for the repair at home if possible. While we strive to be extra careful, we also know that human error is possible and therefore would love to take extra steps to keep your fragile lamp shades at home while your lamp is under repair.

If you need any rewiring or extensions for your lamp, please be sure to measure the minimum that you will need so that when we extend it, we know the length that you will need. 

If you're replacing a socket, please note that some sockets will increase in size, therefore adjusting where your shade might sit. If this is something you want to be kept into consideration, then please bring your shade in.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pricing & Turnaround

Our regular turnaround time for lamp repairs is 1-2 weeks. However, with the shortage and backorder statuses of most parts, we're averaging 3-4 weeks, however, some lamps we're able to repair much quicker if we have all parts in stock.

Rest assured, we're doing our best to get them done quickly without lowering our quality standards on the lamps we do work on.

Lamp repairs start at $35 plus parts.
Rewires start at $65 plus parts.
UL Certified services start at $250.

Some Previous Repairs

Here's a few of the recent projects we've worked on:


Restored Antiques

Recently, an antiquer brought seven gorgeous chandeliers that were in need of a lot of TLC (tender love and care). Some sockets were broken, others were hanging on the side, and all of the crystals needed a good cleaning.

We clean, restore, repair, rewire, and more, including transporting your fixture and installing it, too.


Bringing Bali Home

Turning memories and keepsakes from a honeymoon into a fixtures that will shine in a newly wed's home for years to come. This customer returned with beads and asked that they be turned into chandelier.


Oil goes L.E.D.

Vintage oil lamps with a rustic vintage finish by nature have now been transformed into exterior wall-mounted fixtures, giving these beauties a chance to shine again.


Calling All Designers

A favorite service, loved by so many designers, have been our custom fixtures. From thrifted pieces or designer art pieces that turn into fixtures, we offer UL Services that can turn almost anything into a light fixture.

Need Help with Pickup & Delivery?

We offer pick-up and delivery for our Service Department within the greater Charlotte area, from as local as down the street to the outskirts, such as Fort Mill, SC, Lake Norman and even Monroe or Waxhaw, NC.

Simply add the item below to your cart and we'll reach out to schedule your pickup.

If you're searching for "Lamp Repairs near me", "Lamp Repair Service in Charlotte", "Crystal cleaning" or a variety of other services that are related with lighting - odds are we can help! Give us a call at 704.602.0150.

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