The Spitfire, Ceiling Fan

hello, Spitfire

It's 2019. Who doesn't enjoy to customize the decor in their home? This should include the ceiling fan, too!

Introducing, the Spitfire! A collection of Ceiling Fan components to help you choose finishes in 3 options: Motor, Blades, & Light Kit. An affordable, yet quality infused, option to give you any color scheme to your fan without having to pay for each individual look.


Airflow 6641 Cubic Feet per Minute
Electricity Use 61 Watts (excluding lights)
Airflow Efficiency 108 Cubic Feet per Minute per Watt
Fan Speed 3-speed AC reverse switch on fan
Damp Rated Indoor, covered outdoor, and bathrooms
FanSync Smartphone App, included
Mix & Mach Components are sold separately
Available Blades Your choice of 48" or 60 sweep blades, sold separately
Controls Includes a BTT9 FanSync hand-held bluetooth remote control. C25 fan and light wall control is optional.





Ceiling Fan Motor: This is the portion of the fan that hangs from the ceiling, holds and spins the blades. This includes the fan body, download, and housing cover.

Ceiling Fan Blades: These are the blades that create the fan sweep. 

Ceiling Fan Light Kit: The light kit is the optional add on that provides an integrated LED light access to your fan. Whether you want to use the fan without the light, or add light to it, this optional add on also comes with your choice to match the finish light kit.


NATURAL: The original, pale & golden wood.

DRIFTWOOD: A golden, orange wood.

WHISKEY WOOD: A medium/dark brown.

DARK WALNUT: An extremely darkened wood, just shy of black.

BLACK: The blackest of black.

WEATHERED WOOD: The rustic, beach wood with grey hues.

BRUSHED NICKEL: Perfect grey vibes over a wooden texture.

WHITE WASHED: Light Grey with silver tones; the closest to white.


Light Kits are optional. They provide you the choice of using the fan without light or adding light. Most customers choose the light when the room doesn't have any other light source, while those with recessed cans and additional light layers, tend to use fans that are light-less.

Just another way to give you the power of choice when it comes to this stylish fan.

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