In-Home LED Conversion

Do you feel you find yourself wanting more light? Do any lights flicker or fail to dim properly? Are the light bulbs in your home different colors or do they perhaps shine at various brightnesses?

Good lighting makes everything else look better. It is true with photography and it is most definitely true when it comes to the decor in your own home. The coloring of your furniture, the brush strokes on your prized art piece, and even the size and cleanliness appearance of your home in general. 

let us come to you.

We'll show you the different color temperatures available, talk about brightness levels and even your preferences for each meaningful space in your home. We aim to make the process as simple as possible for you, which is why we ask for your preferences and take that information to locate the required bulbs for each of the fixtures in your own.

We'll survey each bulb in your home, including the dimmers and lighting controls if you have any. With the information we've gathered, we'll create a quote that includes everything; bulbs, installation, and any dimmers or fixtures that need to be replaced, if any. You'll get the overall price for the entire job; no hidden or "not yet included" fees here!

Once paid, we'll start to gather all of your purchases and come back out to install once everything has arrived. We'll schedule your install when it is convenient for you and will do our best to get it done in a single visit.

just a few Notes

With LEDs, we are able to upgrade about 95% everything out there. The few exclusions usually occur when we run into fixtures that are old, defective, or do not yet have their LED counterpart created yet. When these cases arise, we use upgraded non-LEDs that will still work alongside your other light bulbs, and do our best to find alternate solutions that will work best in your home's situation.

If any fixtures are not functioning, then new bulbs will still not function in them. If this happens to occur, we will include a replacement fixture and installation for those specific fixtures. If the same version is not available, again, we'll discuss this with you.

Our goal is to be transparent and honest when it comes to these "what-ifs." So if you have any questions or concerns at all, we encourage you to never hesitate reaching out to us. We're here to help.

let's make your Appointment

We schedule our appointment in arrival windows and call to provide our estimated time of arrival once we're on the way. Our morning arrival window is between 9am-12pm and our afternoon arrival window is 1pm-4pm; therefore, you'll see the option to schedule for either a 9am or 1pm appointment in our calendar. If no appointments are available on a certain day, no times will appear; please click to an alternate date to schedule.

You can also schedule by calling just at 704.602.0150 or emailing us at