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Designed by our own in-house Certified Lighting Consultants & Lighting Associates We don't outsource any of our designs, suggestions, or fixture selections. We treat your projects as if they were our very own.
Architectural & Decorative
Whether you're working with a designer for the decorative lighting and only need our help with the architectural and functional, or you would like to consult with our Lighting Associates for help on fixture selections, we're here to help.
Professional CAD Schematics
Our Lighting Design service features professional drawings. Similar to an Elevation plan and an Electrical plan, we curate a Lighting plan for your project.

How It Works

Available for • New Construction • Remodel • Restorations

Lighting Design is more than just picking a pretty fixture. It is about bringing the beauty of light into your home in ways that not only provide functional benefits, but bringing light in a way that also adds to the overall design, look, and lifestyle feel of your home, too.

Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited provides unbiased lighting design services based on individual client needs that are consistent with the various parameters of the project.

Stage 1

Lighting Design

We start off with the preliminary lighting plan layout and design of your space, official CAD drawings, fixture schedules, consultations as needed, complete lighting plans to include fixture locations, switching methods, grouping lines, a set of revisions, and fixture specification sheets.

Stage 2

Construction Administration

This is where we revise the lighting plan and specifications as needed, review and comment on lighting submittals, budget information from the Electrical Contractors to ensure compliance with the lighting plan, and visit the job site to meet with the Architect, Design Team, and/or Owner depending on the project type.

Stage 3

Adjustments & Set-up

Here we aim to adjust all of the fixtures, educate the maintenance staff or homeowners on the proper usage, controls, and maintenance of the fixtures and lighting control systems, and coordinate with the A/V consultant if requested.

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The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They helped us pick out all the correct lights and switches for our kitchen remodel which included puck lights, under cabinet and new recessed lighting. They came out to our house and helped us with the layout and design which was amazing. Would recommend Lighting & Bulbs over and over again.

- ALY S.

On-Site Visits Included

On-Site Visits Included

with full Lighting Design

Our Construction Administration stage includes an on-site meeting with the architect, designer, contractor, and even your electrician on the site to ensure that installation is going according to your Lighting Design plan.

Available for both Residential + Commercial projects.

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Custom Designs

Each project is unique. We don't work with templates to fast track your project. Rather, we look at the ceiling height, home elevation, architectural design, and personal preferences to curate a design that fits your lifestyle.

Art lover? Let's enhance all of the pieces that you have on display in their own unique and ideal way. Looking for a way to bring the latest contemporary design into your new build, let's talk about the latest trends and product styles available.

We blend our expertise, knowledge, and skills with your design preferences and lifestyle behaviors, such as lighting schedules and pre-determined settings. Not to mention the new integrations that allow for you to combine your HVAC, shades, and lighting controlled by an app on your smartphone.

Let’s open the conversation

Lighting Design

Enlightenment is just a conversation starter away.

Our Lighting Design consultations are complimentary. Let's start the conversation to see how we can help bring your ideas to life and enlighten all of your meaningful spaces.
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A Simple Example

4301 Raney Way, Charlotte, NC 28205

New Path Properties came to us to discuss how he was building a spec-home, but didn't want to skimp. He didn't want a "builder grade" feel, but didn't need top of the line either. Since spec homes don't have owners yet, there is a general simplicity we keep in the area, knowing we won't know the future homeowner's lifestyle or even art placement yet. Therefore, we use quality products with good warranties, placement based on the specs of the products, and a decorative look to keep the overall modern feel the builder wanted in mind.

The images below show the "before" plan, the "after" plan, and two in-real-life photos of the space.

We adjusted the living room to a non-symmetrical placement, using two different kinds of downlights (because honestly, who wants to lay on a couch to watch tv with a downlight shining in your eyes?). Using angled products, we washed the wall, allowing the future owners to place any piece of art on the wall knowing it will be lit well; no art, no problem, the space feels larger and open without too much light shining down onto the sofa space.

The original plan (before)
The original plan (before)
The designed plan (after)
The designed plan (after)
Real life result, side one
Real life result, side one
Real life result, side two
Real life result, side two

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