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Lighting Design

Lighting Design by Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited (Charlotte Agenda's Home of the Year 2019)

Lighting Design is far more than just replacing a current fixture with a new one. It’s about bringing the beauty of light into your home in ways that not only provide functional benefits, they also add to the overall design.

Think about it like this: You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money on other elements within your home: cabinetry, backsplashes, flooring, appliances, furniture and décor, why not take the time to perfect your lighting, too?


The beauty of lighting is that when you have proper lighting in your space, it makes everything else look good! Your cabinetry gets brightened, your countertops are lit properly to truly show off their shine or detail, your backsplash doesn’t hide in the shadow, and even your hallways filled with gorgeous flooring and wall art is brightened in a way to be an experience.


Good lighting (quality of the fixture, brightness and reach of the light bulbs, and even the layout of various lighting layers and fixtures within the room) enhances your space. That is why we do more than just help pick fixtures, we truly design.

Lighting Design by Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited (Museum Home with gorgeous pieces of art and Kable lighting through the living room space)

Lighting Design Stages
We start off with the actual design. Using your home’s floor plan, we create a lighting plan according to your preferences. If you have sentimental pieces of art you’d like displayed or if your family loves game nights and you’re looking for various scenes to set throughout the space, all details are taken into consideration when we consult and work together. We recommend fixture types and work together to make selections on coloring and style, while we’ll help to handle size and placement.


Once the design plan is complete, we move onto administering over the construction and installation periods. This step is just as important because if your recessed cans are not installed in straight lines, or your pendants are being installed too far apart, not only will it affect the visual aspect of the space and “look off” it can in turn affect the desired outcome we had planned. We help with this stage, to help avoid those scenarios.


Lastly, we make the post-installation adjustments on fixtures that need to have their angle and reach adjusted. Track, Kable, and Monorail lighting usually has the flexibility to turn, therefore needing to be adjusted to actual point to various items and/or spaces within your home; one extra thing we handle for you.

Lighting Design by Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited (Lake Norman home with in-ground recessed lighting and art lighting throughout the home)

Pick Your Level of Help:
If you’re not ready to take on a full lighting design service, just keep in mind that we offer help on any stage of your project. From just needing some guidance on fixtures to replace what is already installed in your home, all the way up to Lighting Design, and everything in between. We’re here.


  Appointment Consultation Lighting Design
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Fixture Selections
New Installation Layouts
Schematics (Building plans)
Job site visits
Post-installation Adjustments




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Whether you’re ready to get your Lighting Design underway or you’d like to consult with us to see how we can help you, let’s get in touch.

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