Fixture Creation

Fixture Creations by Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited (Large, black wicker basket pendant brought to us by an interior designer to turn into a fixture)

When you want to truly create a lighting fixture that is your own, we help to make it for you. Unique to you; a true one of a kind. With our fixture creation service, we can help to turn old lanterns, thrifted wicker, and much more into lighting fixtures. Or, if you just need some tweaks made to a current fixture, we're able to help shorten, lengthen, restore, paint, or customize almost anything into a light fixture.


time to Create

Previous custom fixtures we've worked on included beaded chandeliers from Bali, vintage oil-lanterns that now run on LED bulbs, and even a large basket that we've turning into a foyer entry fixture. Not to mention, we're in the process of collaborating with some other local, small business local to Charlotte. The possibilities are endless here, and we're here to do the lighting part.

Customer Examples of Recent Fixture Creations