1 Year Labor Warranty

Effective Start Date

Valid on all purchases made on or after January 1, 2021.

Eligibility & Cost

This Labor Warranty is free as long as all of the products (fixtures, LED bulbs, dimmers) and its installation was initially purchased and completed with Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited. If a customer chooses to keep their current dimmer, no warranty will be included as not all dimmers and LED bulbs are universal or compatible with one another.


Our warranty is valid for one full calendar year from the completion date of installation (for example, if your install was on January 2, 2020, we’ll cover it until January 2, 2021. For purchases made on February 29 (leap year), the expiration will be on March 1 the following year.) If and when any claims are made, please note that the one-year period does not restart when a warranty replacement is installed.

What is Covered

For the first year after our initial installation, Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited will cover Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited’s current labor charges that go into replacing fixtures and LED bulbs under warranty, due to defective issues. In short, we will handle the warranty replacement for you, then come out to uninstall/reinstall your fixture/LED bulbs. Please note that the LED bulbs are only covered under our labor warranty if they were purchased from Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited and we installed them into the fixture at the original installation appointment.

Please keep in mind that this is not a reimbursement program, all claims must be made by calling Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited first.

Manufacturer Warranty Assistance

We only assist with fixture or bulb warranty claims when the fixture or bulbs were purchased originally from Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited. If you didn't purchase your fixture or bulbs with us, you'll need to reach out to the company that you purchased your fixture or bulbs from for warranty assistance.


This warranty does not cover the following: (1) labor charges for changing the location of a fixture, exchanging or returning fixtures that we have installed, (2) labor charges for any fixtures that we did not install, even if the LED bulbs were purchased from us, (3) labor charges for replacing LED bulbs that were not installed by us, even if the fixture was purchased from us, (4) Installations on Display/Clearance Fixtures, (5) Diagnostic visits, (6) replacement parts or glass, (7) third-party labor charges that went into un-intsall/reinstalling a defective item(s), (8) non-defective related claims with labor, or (9) outside-of-warranty claims. We are still able to help, but current installation costs will apply.


This warranty is void if any third-parties alter, work on, or replace fixtures, bulbs, or parts of fixtures, dimmers, or bulbs originally covered within the warranty.

Free Installation Promotions

This warranty is also valid on our free installations promotions, since we are handling that initial install, as long as all of the light bulbs (LEDs only) are purchased with the fixture at that time. Integrated LED fixtures are also included.


The Minka Aire Wave, Light Wave, and Wave II ceiling fan collections/families are excluded from our one year labor warranty due to multiple defective back-to-back purchases and replacements that hum, grind, and make far more noise than any normal amount.


This warranty has no cash value at the maturity of its term, regardless of use. This warranty does not pro- vide refunds, store credit, or reimbursements for any third-party labor charges.

If you’re unsure whether or not your situation is covered without additional charges, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

Subject to change without notice.


Revised 05.9.2023 to add that the Minka Aire's Wave, Light Wave, and Wave II ceiling fan collections/families are excluded from our one-year labor warranty.