Installations + Electrical Tasks

We offer installation on everything we sell and more. From installing switch legs, junction boxes, dimmers, and more. When the fixtures, ceiling fans, under-cabinet lighting, or other products are purchased directly from us, the installation cost is lower.

the Investment

Taxes are not yet included and will apply.

Custom Jobs For items purchased from us For items not purchased from us.
We offer installations and electrical tasks for any and all types of lighting jobs. If what you're looking for is not specifically listed below, please do not hesitate to reach out. We'll discuss the specifics with you and provide a quote for the project.
General Tasks Price
Junction Box
Round Cut-in, Pancake, Bar Box, etc.


Dimmer Switch (Installation of just the dimmer)

As an additional task (1-5 dimmers)
As an additional task (6+ dimmers)





Switch Leg(s)

As an additional task (2+ locations)





Diagnostic Visits

Switch Out Bulbs (add on only)
Changed Recessed Trims (add on only)






Ceiling Fan Installation

*Ceiling Fans over 72" are an addition $99



Standard Fixture Installation
Includes vanity fixtures, wall sconces under 15ft, pendant fixtures, outdoor wall lanterns, etc.



Small Chandelier Installation less than 24" wide



Medium+ Chandelier Installation more than 24" wide



Small/Medium Chandeliers 24" - 40" wide

Large Chandeliers more than 40" wide






Installation Examples for Standard Tasks

To make things simpler, we've done a few general installation costs for empty ceilings and a few where fixtures currently exist and simply need to be replaced.

If you already have power in the room (i.e. your light switch works powers an outlet, for a lamp for example, let us know as that may affect the price since power is already in your space. This may depend on location and the accessibility of pulling the power over where needed.

Installing a Ceiling Fan on an empty ceiling $586* $675*
Installing a Switch Leg (i.e. the power + wall switch) $385 $425
Junction Box (What the fan is put into/hung from) $66 $75

Ceiling fan installation (assembly + installation of the fan itself

*If your ceiling is above 15ft, the price is $450, making the total $901.

*Ceiling Fans over 72" are an addition $99






 Installing a Kitchen Pendant on an empty ceiling $586*
Installing a Switch Leg (i.e. the power + wall switch) $385 $425
Junction Box (What the fixture is put into/hung from) $66 $75

Small Fixture Installation

*If your ceiling is above 15ft, the price is $450, making the total $901.






 Installing Kitchen Pendants where fixtures already exist
2 Pendants $270 $350
Small Fixture Installation $135 $175
Small Fixture Installation $135 $175