Please keep in mind that all warranty claims are subject to approval by the manufacturer themselves. Warranty requirements and time frames will vary by each manufacturer (meaning the warranty for one fixture or fan, may not be the same as that of another when the brands aren't the same).

File a Warranty Claim

Having a problem with your fixture or fan? Let's see how we can help.

Broken Glass Upon Opening (within a week of delivery)
Sockets aren't working (and other bulbs were tried to confirm)
LED isn't turning on or stopped suddenly (and electrical was checked)
Bent or Cracked upon arrival (and didn't happen by owner or installer's mistake)
The fan's motor is making a rhytmatic clicking sound (if not installed by us please confirm if your installer tightened the junction box before installing the fan as that is sometimes the reason)
The fan's remote stopped working (and re-syncing it as per the manual's instructions didn't fix the problem)
Other (Please describe in the message section below)