Lighting Control + Integration

Creating an experience that caters to your lifestyle – your routines, your preferences, your home. Stop by the showroom to see a few examples of how Lighting Control and integration can better your home.

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Where Do We Come In?

As an official Lutron distributor, not only can we get the product for you, we can also install, program and service your entire system. With a Lutron Pro on staff, we can help to add scenes remotely or at a diagnostic/service call in your home. Our Lighting Design service can draw the switching on the electrical plan for your own installation, too.

Our entire lighting showroom is on the Lutron system. Our employees never actually touch a light switch – unless we're demonstrating of course. Our Open/Close sign is on a schedule, our bathrooms have motion sensors with dimmers, our "clouds" that hold our chandeliers turn off at closing, etc.

What is Lighting Control?
It's more than just a fancy timer. Connected lighting control by Lutron gives you powerful control over your lights, Lutron smart shades, and other smart home devices, all wrapped in a beautiful design that will complement any décor. So, you can effortlessly create a comfortable environment throughout your home with the app, voice assistant or a simple touch of your keypad.

A basic timer or schedule feature will turn your outdoor lights on at 6p and off at 6a; very simple commands. Lighting control on the other hand, will allow for you to click on the MORNING button and your routine starts – bathroom lights dimmed to 50%, hallway sconces dimmed to 25%, kitchen under cabinet dimmed to 50%, music starts to play in the kitchen, while the window shades rise open. Multiple commands, each set to specific levels, all working simultaneously. Take your own home for example, and imagine what you'd like to happen when you click MOVIE mode.

Lutron products work with more connected brands than any other dedicated lighting control brand, including but not limited to:, Amazon, Apple Home, Control 4, Crestron, Ecobee, Elan, Google Home, Honeywell Home, Hunter, Josh, Kaleidescape, Ring, RTI, Savant, Sivoia QS + Triathlon, Sonos, URV, and Ava.

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Create Your Comfort Zone

Connect all of the lights in your home, plus Lutron Smart Shades and other Smart Home devices. All wrapped in a beautiful design that will compliment any décor.

What Integrates
Lighting + Shades + Music + more

Lutron products work with more connected brands than any other dedicated lighting control brand. Including Amazon Alexa,, Apple Home, Control 4, Crestron, Ecobee, Goog Home, Honeywell Home, Hunter, Josh, Ring, Savant, Savant, Sonos, and more.
See It In Action
Our showroom runs on this system; we don't turn any lights on/off ourselves – not even the open sign. Everything is run on a schedule with scenes available at the touch of button to prepare meetings, and more.

Stop by our showroom to learn more. We install, too!
The average cost for Lighting Control sits around $1,000 for the brain, $200 per switch/dimmer, plus programming and installation.

Best part: You can build onto your system. Start with just your kitchen, then add the other rooms later without purchasing a new brain.

Product Highlights + Features

Sunnata processor

RadioRA 3 All-in-One Processor

The brain of the system that makes everything work based on your design, from the keypads to the time clocks, to motion-sensor activated lights and more.

The Processor is required for client control of lights…App, schedules, scenes and other system programming. It enables Lutron system integration with other leading connected brands including Control4, URC, Sonos, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and more.

Powered by PoE via CAT5e (or better) ethernet cable. Install the processor centrally in the home for optimal RF coverage with no more need for a power supply & nearby 120v outlet. Processor kit sold with PoE injector included.

Backwards compatible to enable upgrade of existing RadioRA 2 & RA2 Select devices; some limitations apply. Convert existing RadioRA 2 programming to the new RadioRA 3 processor with 1-button

Each processor controls up to 200 Lutron devices [up to 100 new RadioRA 3 devices (SUNNATA dimmers, keypads, switches) + 100 RadioRA 2 & RA2 Select compatible devices]

Four RA3 processors can be paired to create one system of up to 200 Sunnata RF devices and up to 200 compatible RA2, RA2 Select and Lutron smart shade devices. Proprietary ClearConnect® RF technology for reliable, lightning-fast performance. New QuickFind software makes the processor easy to find and setup the processor on the home network.

Radio powr savr

Radio "Powr Savr" Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

Sensors automatically turn lights on when someone walks into a room and off when the room is empty.

– Timeout period is customizable
– Battery powered (10-year typical battery life) and can be installed without wiring
– Alternative mounting options (ceiling, wall) to get the right amount of coverage in any room
– Wall-mounted sensor line includes options for wall, hallways, and corner mount

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Triathlon Roller Shades

Triathlon roller shades have a clean, modern aesthetic which looks great as stand-alone treatment and pairs beautifully with other decorative window treatments.

Roller shades come in sheer, translucent, and blackout fabrics so you can both reduce glare in the living room or block out light in your bedroom for sleeping. Shades have whisper-quiet movement and raise and lower in perfect unison with Intelligent Hembar Alignment™ technology, year after year.

Battery-powered – perfect for retrofit projects; batteries last an industry-leading 2-5 years based on daily use, shade size and material. (wired and cordless manual options also available).

Customizable in sizes up to 144” wide and 144” high. Two fascia options to cover and conceal the fabric roll. Child and pet friendly —no lift cords or wands means a safer solution for homes with children or pets (Note: wand comes with manual styles)

Outdoor plug 1

Outdoor Plug-in Switch

Built to withstand the elements, the Outdoor Plug-in Switch provides on/off system control of plugged-in outdoor lights—like patio string lights, landscape lights, and holiday lights—as well as small pumps and motors like for ponds, fountains, or decorative inflatables.

15A lighting loads, ½ HP motor loads, 1200 VA/8A for MLV loads. Plugs into GFCI outlet. Rated IP66 to endure the most severe weather (-4 to +122 degree F / -20 to +50 degree C temperature rating), dust and dirt. Polycarbonate body for long-term UV and temperature protection. Solid polymer core to protect internal electronics

Uses Lutron’s ultra-fast, ultra-reliable ClearConnect Technology avoiding Wi-Fi drop out and lag issues. No need for manual time clock adjustment; it stays on the right schedule year-round even after power outages and as the seasons change.

Get a visual in the video below –

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Create Your
Hands-Full Comfort Zone

Effortlessly create your comfort zone by always having just the right amount of natural light, even when life has your hands full.

Lutron wood blinds have Natural Light OptimizationTM, so your individual blinds automatically adjust the amount of tilt based on the position of the sun for maximum comfort day after day.