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Our Services

Lighting Design
Our Lighting Design services gives you the opportunity to truly enlightenment the meaningful spaces in your life. Think about it; you’ve spent a lot on your home, the cabinetry and flooring, and other details that took time and effort into getting just the way you wanted it. Why should you’re lighting be any different? With proper lighting, your countertops, backsplashes, and even your wall art are just that much more enhanced.  Things look better in better light. Rooms feel better, and bigger, with proper light. And we can help with all of it.

With different tiers of help, we can offer just the right amount of assistance you need to complete the lighting in your home.

Designer tip: When building a new home, it can be important to bring us into the planning prior to the framing of the home; this gives you the chance to get the plans for your fixtures into the plans before the construction begins. If construction is already underway, be sure to get us in as soon as possible, as you might “take steps backwards” if drywall and such has already begun. Most thing lighting is something that is chosen later, like your sofas, but in reality, the placement and installation process of it all has a bigger benefit to the consumer with an earlier involvement.

Lamp Repairs
Instead of “out with the old,” let’s fix the old. Whether you have a vintage, sentimental or family heirloom piece, we’ll repair it. Even if its new and stopped functioning, we’ll help. We offer repair and restoration services to help your lamps, shine once again.

In-Home LED Conversion
Consult. Survey. Installation. Let us come to you to show you the different color temperatures available, the brightness levels, preferences for each of your meaningful spaces. We’ll survey each bulb in your home, including dimmers and lighting controls if any, provide an all-included quote, and then schedule your installation. All in as little as two visits.

UL Certified
As a lighting showroom that is UL Certified, we have the ability to test and produce UL-Certified fixtures, including converting non-UL fixtures to UL-ready.

Fixture Creations + Customizations
From old, oil lanterns to large, wicker baskets, and any other object in between, we are able to turn your non-fixture items into functioning light fixtures. Plus, with our customizations services, we’re able to customize and tweak fixtures that need just that little extra something to make it perfect for your space. Whether this means we need to extend or shorten it, or even change the color, let’s talk.

Installation + Electrical
We wouldn’t be giving you the full lighting experience if we didn’t offer installation and other electrical tasks along with your lighting fixtures, dimmers, or control systems. Our installation includes assembly and either replacing your current fixture/fan or adding a new switch leg and installing the fixture/fan into your ceiling, wall for vanity and sconces, floor for up-lights, and anywhere else.

Fixture Cleaning
Crystal Chandeliers tend to have plenty of pieces, each with intricate details. We’ll help you to save time by cleaning your fixture for you, focusing on each pieces and ensuring it is able to remain streak-free and shine clearly once again. 

Fixture Transportation
Planning to move and wanting a fixture to join you? Or perhaps you just feel like swapping fixtures around the home. Whatever the reason, we are available to uninstall your fixture, clean it, and reinstall it at its new location.

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