Boho Chic

DEFINE Boho Chic Lighting

Love this style but don't know how to get it? Let's break it down together...

What our professionals say about boho lighting

Can I get it in a sentence?


 "The casual, relaxed atmosphere is made up of unconventional combinations, including woods, rich leathers, eye catching patterns and fabrics, with a hint of cultural undertones."

-Zelle, Lighting Associate.

"Unique, natural, eclectic, without formality."

-Nora, Lighting Associate.


THINK Boho: What comes to mind?

-Texture: Layers, layers, layers.

Boho incorporates layers of varying textures, rather than pattern mixing. 

- Natural Elements

Combine jute, rattan, and wooden beads to create an organic atmosphere.

- Unique Details

Add fringe, tassels, and macrame. More is more with this style. 


- Soft Metals

Brassy golds are preferred to maintain warmth, but matte black can work when it isn't heavy.

-  Neutrals

Off whites, sandy creams, and woody browns are your best bet in most cases, but there's room for some fun with a staple accent color.

Typically a burnt, sunset orange or terra cotta, but most naturally occurring, warmer colors like green or yellow can be used as well when kept consistent. 

- Focal point 

Boho lighting is the perfect blend of unique style and function. We want to help you pick a fixture that will be an eye-catching piece of art, pulling you into your most sacred rooms while preserving that feeling of serenity.

Our final touch

We understand the importance of quality light that you won't have to second guess. 

Let us come help brainstorm your individual space, giving you the peace of mind you need with lighting that matches your LIFEstyle.

Come to our showroom in person, or contact us here so we can help you shop with confidence.


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