adorne® Collection

Time to make a beautiful switch.

The adorne Collection of designer switches and outlets features a unique square form factor and pairs it with dazzling wall plates, available in a wide array of colors and materials like matte metals and rich woods. The adorne Collection also features cutting-edge technology through options like wave-controlled switches, app-based dimmers, Pop-Out™ outlets, built-in night lights and USB chargers, as well as efficient under-cabinet lighting.
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Pop-Out Outlet

There when you need it, hidden when you don't. Charge up to three devices at once.

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USB Outlets

Ultra-Fast, Fashion-forward charging USB outlets, including USB Type-C options for a future proof solution.

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Hubbardton Forge

x Adorne Collection

Forged by Hand. Illuminated by Touch. Light & Switch, finally made for each other.

What happens when you combine a 6,000 year-old art with leading edge, touch-sensitive technology? Introducing the Hubbardton Forge line by Legrand, as part of the adorne® collection. Six lustrous metal plates, forged by fire to make adorne’s simply elegant switches and outlets a perfect match with Hubbardton Forge’s rich array of metal textures and finishes. It’s a
partnership forged in the fires of creativity and passion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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