Ceiling Fans

The air brushes gently over your skin as you rest from a long day. You kick your feet up onto your ottoman, click the remote, and the day just chills away. Ceiling fans bring a refreshing breeze of air-circulation indoors, especially during the summer months. When spinning counter-clock wise (stand under your ceiling fan and look up), the air is pulled in from the sides and pushed down into the center.

But did you know that ceiling fans are actually efficient for the winter months too? By reversing the spin of your ceiling fan so that it goes in a clock-wise motion, your fan will pull air up from the center and out to the sides, circulating the air within a room. This allows for the warm, stuffy air to circulate so that having the heat on feels more comfortable and tolerable. Best part, many new ceiling fans have the ability to change the orientation right on their remotes, which removes the need for you to climb up and manually move a switch on the motor. We're big fans of that concept.