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Welcome! We’re Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited, or LBU for short. A family-owned business located in the heart of the Oakhurst community, here in Charlotte, NC. We have a small staff and truly wear multiple hats in an effort to provide our clients with the big-box service they’re used to, without sacrificing the personal relationships and welcoming feel that a small business provides. 

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Celebrating twenty five years of Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited

Our doors opened for the first time in August of 1996, but not as Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited. Light Bulbs Unlimited: Your go-to destination for all things light bulbs. From common bulbs to hard-to-find specialty bulbs, and everything in between. Our original slogan read, “If we ain’t got it, we’ll get it!” With our signature red lining the shelves and lighting up our sign out front, we were open for business just off of Independence Blvd. To suit the 90s, we actually offered custom neon projects and had a section of the storefront dedicated to black lights, plasma globes, and most definitely a few lava lamps.

As the years went by, the lighting industry changed and we followed. At our Matthews Township location, most commonly known as the clocktower, we displayed chandeliers and pendants along the windows and landscape lighting by our entrance. Morano glass pendants, crystal chandeliers, all lighting up the most gorgeous window display we’ve ever had. This opened up the ability to truly get a visual on the appearance and quality of the fixtures that we sold, before ordering. While in our Matthews location, we opened up a second location in South End, which became our second home until both locations were merged. Most of the clients we have today, first met us just here, off of South Tryon Street.

 As all cities do, Charlotte continued to grow, resulting in our building being sold. This was the perfect time for us to create something that was truly our own: 4335 Monroe Road.

 So we would like to welcome you to our new home; with God’s grace, our forever home.

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Nora Cauble, Lighting Associate

Nora Cauble, LA.
An ALA Lighting Associate

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Johnson Krajewski, Lighting Associate
Johnson Krajewski, LA.
An ALA Lighting Associate

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