It' time to create. So, let's get to it.

Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited is so thrilled to be working with other local business in the Charlotte market. Together, we're creating something unique, beautiful, and functional. The artistry behind the designs blended with the knowledge of the functionality allows for our partnerships to create beautiful fixtures. 

Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited collaboration with Hot Glass Alley

Hot Glass Alley

Artisan | Hand-blown Glass | Charlotte, NC | @hotglassalley

Together, we've brought the creativity of custom glass, hand-blown by our very own local glass blower with the beauty of light. Blended, glass and light work hand in hand to create eye catching statement pieces while illuminating a room with breathtaking details.

Together with local artisan Jake Pfeifer and his team at Hot Glass Alley, we are in the process of creating a custom line of Chandeliers and Pendants, with wall sconces and more on the agenda. Currently, we have two chandeliers up on display in our showroom. Photo credit is courtesy of Sherry Harris Interiors.

Stone and Strap

Artisan | Abstract Leather Art | Charlotte, NC | @stoneandstrap

The texture of leather blended beautifully with the beauty of light. A unique concept, brought on by designers. Together with local artisan, Annaliese Anderson, we're working on turning her strips of leather, curated together on a framework, and build to function as a chandelier.

With safety in mind, ensuring the leather is not a fire hazard, the lighting provides the necessary brightness, and so many other details, we're carefully working on creating these one-of-a-kind custom pieces.