Hubbardton Finishes


Hubbardton Forge translucent finishes show off the character and texture of the metal beneath. Our finishing process utilizes the methods that will bring out the beauty of the materials. Powder coating is more resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, and UV light than liquid paints. The eco-benefits of powder coating include low to no VOCs, the capability to recapture and reuse overspray and the ability to return exhaust.


Opaque finishes showcase the texture and character of the steel, created during handcrafting.


​Hubbardton Forge offers some of the most robust, environmentally-friendly finishes available for exterior lighting fixtures, and continuously works to improve durability with new formulations that are rigorously tested.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association, who sets the standards for coating performance on architectural applications, has recently designated four of our Coastal Outdoor Finishes (-14, -75, -77, -78) as AAMA 2604-certified, meeting the highest standard in durable, weather resistant finishes available. They are corrosion-resistant and color-fast, with significant protection against harmful UV rays. These coatings deliver exceptional hardness and scratch resistance for enhanced performance in seacoast environments. AAMA 2604-rated finishes, also known as “Super Durable Polyester powders”, are the same quality and standard that is used on aluminum-clad buildings. Why is this important? So that your exterior lighting fixtures remain not just beautiful, but protected, for years to come. Need LEED credits? These powder coat finishes emit zero-VOCs and can contribute toward your LEED certification, according to the US Green Building Council.

Hubbardton Forge offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on ALL of their Coastal Outdoor Finishes, unless you are 10 miles or less from a sea coast, in which case they offer a 5-year warranty.

Maintaining your Outdoor Products

Methods for cleaning the powder coat finish depend on the characteristics of the surface soil. Use water and mild soap or detergent with a sponge or soft cloth for light surface soils. For medium to heavy soils a mild solvent, such as mineral spirits, can be used for removal of grease, sealants or caulking compounds. Spot testing should be performed first to ensure there is no coating damage or staining from cleaning materials.


We offer extraordinary blown glass and art glass options that complement the design of our fixtures. 


Hubbardton Forge shades are domestically produced, here in the USA. A wide variety of shade colors are available to coordinate with any space.