LED Bar Desk Lamp with White Marble base by Annimus

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Sleek. Sophistication blended with design to create a striking and simplistic take on the desk lamp. This integrated LED sits within a cylinder bar complete with a wood effect finish. The brass finish connects the light to its white marble base where it offers a switch to not only turn the lamp on and off, but to also change the color temperature of the light itself. From a cool blue for high focusing tasks to a warmer white for ambiance and mood. Its sleek design offers a clean and minimal addition to any desk while its neutral hues blend well with many colors and decor. With its color changing temperature feature, you are able to change the color of the light. This means, you can go from a cool white to a warm white between tasks to adjust it based on your need. Simply flip the switch to adjust between off, 2700K (amber-toned), 3000K (warm white), and 5000K (natural light).

Specifications for Bar Desk Lamp

Integrated LED? Yes

USB port? No
Width: 4.00"
Length: 16.00"
Height: 18.00"
Weight: 5 lb
Integrated LED already built in with 3 Color Changing Temperatures available, 2700K, 3000K, and 5000K

Style Name: Bar
Manufacturer Name: Annimus
Manufacturer Collection: Origin
Manufacturer Finish: Matte Brass with White Marble base

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